Why Should You Donate?

Me and Barry @ Roscoe's in LBCMoney and politics must be separated. Because as long as they’re not, the wealthy can inordinately influence our democracy to favor their narrow interests instead of the public interest. But we aren’t there yet. And until we aren’t, the other side will continue to bankroll their candidates with unrestrained contributions in the wake of the 2010 Citizens United decision.

But we can fight back. We may not have as much money as they do, but we do have power in numbers. Because this campaign is funded by you and me – ordinary people giving what we can afford.

This year, in this election, we can take back our democracy. We can pass a Constitutional Amendment that separates money from politics. We can institute publicly-financed elections, same-day registration, and other campaign finance reforms. But we must re-elect President Obama first. No other candidate will fight for these goals as much as he will. But if we want to restore our democracy, we must do our part, on the grassroots level in our communities. That’s why I’ve set a goal for how much I want to raise. Will you join me in donating today to help me meet my goal? The very fate of our democracy depends on it.



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